User-Centric Design

Your Audience Matters Most

I build websites that revolve around your users' needs. If you're not sure what those needs are, we'll work together to clearly define who your users are, why they're visiting your site, and ensuring that they get what they came for. A beautiful website is useless unless users come away from it thinking they've spent their time well.

  • User persona development
  • Use case definition
  • Intuitive user flows
  • Sensible and clear navigation

Modern Technology


Technology changes faster than ever before. Websites and web applications are some of the most vulnerable to these changes, causing slowdowns, security vulnerabilities, and failures for your users. I use cloud-based services for web applications and best-of-breed managed services for websites.

  • Cloud computing in most situations
  • Automated updates of software
  • Routine security scanning
  • Heroku, SquareSpace, etc., when appropriate

    Client Maintainable


    I've seen too many beautiful websites become stagnant and inaccurate because their owners have to call a programmer just to get a bio changed or add a new schedule. This is absurd; a website on which you can't change 90% of the content yourself is simply a gimmick to keep you paying a company "update" fees. 

    • Web-based Administration interfaces
    • Easy-to-add basic pages
    • Styles automatically applied
    • Written and sometimes video-based instructions

    Simple and Direct


    Your website should not be a mystery to you, either in how it works or how it is used. I will teach you anything and everything you want to know about how your site works. Further, websites I build are always informed by a "less is more" approach. Bold images and limited color palettes produce remarkable and usable sites.

    • Simple pages with "one thing" per page
    • Designs with plenty of whitespace
    • Collaborative content and style design
    • Proven and emotive color palettes


    Ditch Your Servers Forever

    The days of of traditional hosting platforms being cost-effective and suitable for most websites and applications are largely over. I'm certified as an architect on Amazon Web Services and we'll go beyond just cloud hosting to optimize your site to make the most of what cloud computing offers.

    • Scalable architecture for traffic surges
    • Serverless websites (when it makes sense)
    • Redundancy at multiple levels
    • AWS managed services (lambda, Kinesis, etc.)

    Ongoing Support


    To this day, I help out clients that last paid me nearly a decade ago. While I can't fix every problem for free, I will always respond to your questions. I strongly prefer to set up ongoing support contracts at very manageable rates. I also perform updates and new work at significant discounts to returning clients.

    • Personal answers to your questions
    • Detailed written explanations and recommendations
    • Always available for support options and updates
    • Values relationships over maximizing revenue